There are several sizes and location choices. The larger your ad is, the better the impact or impression. The better the ad's location means more people will see it.

The first choice is to be seen on the home page above the web site header. The second is bellow the header, the third best is "above the fold" or, the first visible part the user sees. (Without having to scroll down.)

Next is the "strategic" location. The page that fits your customer's profile the best. For example, a restaurant might put their ad on the Restaurants page.

Another consideration is to have "Flash" or Javascript animation.That is the movement of graphics in your ad. Ususally an ad above the header at the top of the page or on the right side. Movement catches the user's eye.

Sizes, Possition and Monthly rates (measured in pixels)

Production costs
Banner |700 x 90 |470 x 60 |120 x 60   Camera ready   n/c
  |$100 |$75 |$45   Basic layout 2 hrs $60
Right column |120 x 600 |120 x 350 |120 x 250 |120 x 120

basic Fash

4hr $120
  |$100 |$70 |$40 |$25 Additional time per hour
Block 300 x 250            
Business card 249 x 143